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Tests in Compliance with Guidelines of the Automotive Industry

The good reputation of a make of car is the culmination of a multitude of advantageous features and – verifiable – marks of quality. Throughout the world, the motorist places high demands on driving performance, comfort and safety. And because vehicles more than any other mass-produced product are exposed to changing environmental influences, reliability, service life and operational reliability play an extremely important role because a vehicle packed full with electronics, essential mechanical components and efficient technology is susceptible to just as many risks of failure.

We at Weiss possess the environmental simulation technology for all that concerns the automobile: Standard testing and special testing systems for

  • corrosion and weathering
  • testing electrical, electronic and mechanical components
  • systems of all sizes and design capacities for motors and emission tests.

We will give you extensive consultation, undertake project planning and install testing systems which give you the reliabiltiy and safety you require:

  • Individual special solutions based on well-tried components according to national and international guidelines and laws for environmental simulation technology in the manufacturing of automobiles.
  • Environmental simulation technology which has been a fixed constituent of quality management of many renowned manufacturers for many years.
  • Features

    Characteristics of the noxious gas test system:

    • Noxious gas test chamber made of acrylic glass or PVDF (polyvinylidenefluoride)
    • Dosing pump (PTFE) or mass flow controller
    • Monitor of low pressure in interior test chamber
    • Thinning of the discharge air containing noxious gas


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