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Emission Testing

The goal of emission tests is to detect and determine the concentration of undesirable substances, which are released by materials and components of all kinds. These tests have become standard in contemporary safety assessment and quality control.

Weiss offers systems with test space sizes from four litres up to 95 m³ for qualitative and quantitative emission analysis of volatile hydrocarbons from featherweight fabrics to evaporation and exhaust emissions of heavyweight vehicles.

Our emission test chambers for formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds or evaporation and exhaust emissions offer adjustable humidity, temperature and airflow parameters with a high continuity of the test conditions, a maximum of reproducible test conditions due to automatic test cycles, high recovery rates thanks to dense test space, an effective elimination of leakages, e.g. through fans with magnetic drives, low blank values through thermal desorption routines with temperatures up to over +240°C and a reduction of adsorption effects to an absolute minimum thanks to electro polished stainless steel and a space minimized design of the test space.

The emission test systems of Weiss test in compliance with national and international standards and guidelines.