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Simulation Package for Test System Integration

The system control software Simpati enables optimum operation of your environmental simulation and oven systems for performing tests in the fields of research, development and production. The operation of test systems becomes easy and time-saving. The integrated monitoring routines enhance the reliability of the systems.
  • Features
    • Control the test cycle
    • Store measured data
    • Easily create test programs with the graphics editor
    • Network up to 99 units
    • Connect additional measuring devices
    • Record irregularities and possible malfunctions during the test cycle
    • Print out measured data in the form of a graph
    • Copy measured data for evaluation in other programs
    • Calculate gradients of process parameters and times for altering the process parameters
    • Manage your programs for production processes and tests in a coherent and clear manner
    • Simulation data are provided by the S!MPATI*-webserver in the PC network
    • The message service supports the transfer of messages by e-mail to an existing mail server (SMTP)
    • Remote control of the units in the network via JAVA-Applet with your Internet Browser
    • Administration of different users Graphic symbols or photos can be chosen as chamber symbols
    • Analysis with illustrative graphics and calculating options
    • The possibility exists to block the chamber for external access


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