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Stability Testing in Compliance with Established Guidelines

Temperature and humdity can have a strong influence on the quality of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Therefore the preparate can loose the efficacy through wrong storing conditions. In the pharmaceutical industry API and Medicines are tested under long term conditions to determine the shelf life time.

We are leading in the development and manufacturing of Stability Test Systems und for long term testing of pharmaceutical- and cosmetic products. Our extensive range of climatic chambers from 34l to 200m³ includes all necessary documentation possibilities as well as a the complete support for qualification and calibration.

With our solutions you ensure the quality and reliability of your products.

Stability Testing systems of Weiss are in accordance with the ICH guidelince Q1A and Q1B as well as national and international guidelinse as WHO, FDA and CPMP.

A wide range of standardised climate cabinets for stability tests from 34 litres up to 2160 liters and walk-in staibility test chambers in nearly every required size or suitable to your premises provide the ideal solution for every application regarding to volume and construction.